Integrating Yoga & Developmental Movement

A Yoga Life: Integrating Yoga & Developmental Movement training series combines Developmental Movement Patterns, Embodied Anatomy, Mindfulness, and Yoga. It is an enriching class for anyone interested in deepening or beginning their journey into the practice of yoga and Movement. These sessions are focused on encouraging you to see, hear and touch your own experiences and have access to them as you take them into movement, play, your yoga practice, and all aspects of your life.

This training counts toward Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements.

To Live Our Fullest Life

I believe we all want to live passionate and creative lives. In order to enhance our experience and connect more readily with our passions we must have an innate ability to listen and embody each and every moment. In honoring our life journey in this way, we can then make clearer, more informed choices. I have studied this work since 1991. My exploration inward continues to evolve and has never ceased to amaze and delight me. I have taught Fundamentals for 20 years. Students who take this class tell me often that it changed their life. My hope is that this work will touch your heart and transform you.

Our intention with these trainings:

  • To teach you the Developmental Movement Patterns
  • To bring to you the experience of Embodied Anatomy
  • To assist you in deepening your understanding & practice of yoga
  • To create a safe & nourishing atmosphere to learn in
  • To nourish our mindfulness practice & connect to our essential Heart
  • To have fun & invite in our creative, playful nature!

“I was taught the Developmental Movement Patterns first by my teacher Donna Farhi. This experience changed the way I move and breathe. It also helped me heal from a severe head injury and car accident. This work deepened my ability to understand myself from the playground of movement. I learned Embodied Anatomy from my teacher Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. I was lucky to learn anatomy from an embodied place. We all learn the most when we are able to have a direct conversation with our experiences. Everything comes from within. The combination of these teachings changed me. I have unlimited respect for myself and the knowledge that blossoms from within each and every one of us.”

Adrienne Hutton

Integrating Yoga & Developmental Movement Training

An ongoing exploration of Developmental Movement Patterns, Embodied
Anatomy, Yoga Asana and Philosophy, and Embryology.

La Grande, Oregon

SAC ANNEX, 105 Fir Street, La Grande, Oregon • Nellie Ruth Young Room, 2nd Floor


This training counts toward Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements.

Workshop Dates

  • September 21
  • October 26
  • November 23
  • December 21
  • January 18
  • February 22
  • March 21
  • April18

Class Schedule:

  • Morning Session        9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Break                            12:30pm – 2pm
  • Afternoon Session      2pm – 5pm


For out-of-town students, no-cost or low-cost lodgings are available. You can indicate on your registration form, or contact Adrienne, for additional information about these no-cost and low-cost lodging options.
“Over the few years in which I have been Adrienne’s student, both in weekly yoga practices and in her Fundamentals of Movement course, my body has not only become more flexible and strong, but I have also learned a deeper capacity for emotional and mental strength and flexibility, a deeper capacity to “be present with whatever arises” throughout my life, as Adrienne has often invited us to do in class as we experiment with our particular way of being in an asana. I cannot recommend her yoga and Developmental Movement instruction enough!
Laura Hudson

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Cancellation Policy: Cancel up to 2 months before course and receive a refund or credit toward another course minus a $50 processing fee. Cancel less than 2 months before, and there is no refund or credit, unless we can fill your spot. If the spot gets filled, receive a refund or credit to be applied to another course minus a $50 processing fee.




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“Adrienne has such a gift for guiding students into transformative experiences of embodiment. Over the years I have studied with Adrienne, my relationships to movement, alignment, and embodiment have been profoundly supported, nurtured, and enriched. Her passion for teaching and the way she shares the fruits of her deep curiosity are inspiring.” — Caitlin Ecklund