Retreats & Teacher Trainings

Teacher Trainings

The Teacher Training Program of A Yoga Life includes instruction you’ll receive nowhere else. Your training will incorporate Developmental Movement Patterns, which teaches you how to recognize the most effective pathway that movement should take in your own body, and how to guide your students to come to their own wisdom and the experience of themselves.
I can’t imagine having done my training with anyone other than Adrienne. She helped me turn my practice from a focused stretching session to a deep and personal connection with my body and spirit, and prepared me well for teaching my own classes.
Kirsten Johnson


Our retreats take you on a journey of self-fulfillment. We want you to recognize the truth of who you are and to actualize your dreams. Through yoga, massage, healing touch, heart connection, deep listening, mindful movement, and integration of the developmental movement patterns, we establish a space for healing and light. By guiding you along the path of least resistance, we hope to guide you toward your highest potential of living.

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