Why Take a Yoga Teacher Training?

A Yoga Life

“Love is the key, so listen to me, show your love.”
~ Tuck and Patti

If you are considering taking a Yoga Teacher Training I would like you to explore the concept of love with me first. We all have had moments of being in the presence of someone who embodies love, whose words and actions spread joy and goodness into the world. These rare droplets of folks who have chosen to embrace kindness and joy help others feel the full-hearted experience of being accepted and honored for exactly who they are. When I have experienced being in their presence, I leave more earnest to live from Love.

I want to live the undefinable concepts of Love without compromise. Living life from my heart is a priority. That is why I do yoga. The teachings of Yoga truly reflect these ideals and it is when I am diving deep into yoga truths that I am reminded of that.

Yoga Truths

It is not enough for us to simply talk about or perform Yoga Asana, the physical aspect of Yoga practice. Physical pain brings many people to the mat, and having less pain keeps us coming back, because we immediately begin to feel better and have less anxiety through asana. Due to this release of pain, these physical postures often become the primary focus of our Yoga practice. All of that is wonderful and exciting; however, it is not the only aspect of this practice. 

We study many subjects in high school. Not just math or science. In order to graduate, we must take all required courses. There are topics we are attracted to and subjects that do not resonate with us. We still have to sit in those seats and take those classes. In Yoga, we may be very adept at movement and understanding life through our bodies so Asana really resonates with us.  To fully incorporate the teachings of Yoga, we study all aspects of the curriculum, not just the physical movements.

Is Taking a Yoga Teacher Training Right For You?

This may seem monotonous, but I would encourage you to ask yourself the following questions: Do I want to feel better? Do I want to live a fulfilled life? Do I want to know my purpose? Do I want to love more deeply? Do I want to create joy and goodness in the world? Do I want to be free of the habits that bind me? 

Do I want to honor and respect all sentient beings? Do I want to be of service to the world? Do I enjoy playing in and experiencing life through my body? Do I want to show others a way out of pain? Do I have a desire to share my wisdom and knowledge with those I love?  

Do I want to be more honest and present? Do I want to communicate more clearly and directly? Do I want to improve my listening skills? Do I trust my instincts? Do I want a guide that shows me how to better take care of myself and others? Am I in a transition in life and wondering what to do next?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then taking a Yoga Teacher Training is a wise choice for you.

What Do You Do In a Yoga Teacher Training?

I love to learn. I have the student archetype and never seem to get bored or tired of filling myself with new information. In my Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn. You will learn Yoga Asana, the physical postures. You will learn how to perform asana, teach asana, adjust students in the asana, use props to accommodate those who need help in the asana, and which asanas to use for different ailments and body types. 

You will learn about the breath. We study the anatomy of breathing — how to breathe efficiently, ways to improve your breathing, how the breathing can help release stress, how the breath supports us and makes us strong, and effective ways to use the breath to help heal pain and overcome stress and anxiety. 

You will learn about meditation — different styles and techniques of meditation support us in different ways. You will practice meditating, sitting still, and recognizing what keeps you from being comfortable and quiet. 

You will learn Embodied Anatomy. I will teach you how to identify the different tissues and systems within your body, including the bones, muscles, your fluids, organs, your nervous system, and endocrine system. You will learn to identify these different compositions and have a direct embodied experience of them. You will learn to take this knowledge and apply it to asana and movement. I will teach you how to recognize each system, how to utilize their presence and strength in yourself, and then how to assist others to do the same. 

You will have an opportunity to self-reflect. To ask the higher questions of Who Am I? We learn to be present with ourselves first, to heal ourselves first, to listen to ourselves first. Then, we take what we have learned into our relationships with others creating ways to connect and grow together. Learning how to love, to be vulnerable, and to open our hearts can take time. Enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training gives you the time and  space to allow your wisdom and gifts to shine.

Allow Yourself to Shine

The world is waking up to Love and the presence of divine guidance. Do not let anything stop you from fulfilling your dreams and desires. I want you to find the truth of who you are and the inherent joy in your heart. Take a leap and watch the ripple effect of your choice spread Love and healing into the world.

If you are interested in becoming a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, consider attending one of our yoga teacher trainings. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts, ideas or concerns through my contact page. Namaste.

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