Teacher Trainings

The Teacher Training program of A Yoga Life combines embodiment and movement and is meant to change your life as well as give you the tools to change the  lives of your students.  You learn to understand your own experience, body, and wisdom — and then how to guide your students to the same wisdom and experience of themselves.

A Privilege to Teach

Yoga has the potential to change people and the progression of their lives. Yoga is an integrative science that leads people toward their highest truth and exposes them to the potential to live a healthy, fulfilled, and balanced life. As teachers, we stand as examples of these fundamentals. Through study, practice, mindfulness, and devotion, we come to our own understanding of the unity of our body, mind, and spirit. Then, as teachers, we support and encourage our students in discovering their own Truth, their inner wisdom, and the key to unlocking their potential for light and love.

The 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Program 

Your training with Adrienne Hutton incorporates a core aspect you will receive nowhere else, the Developmental Movement Patterns as created by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

These Developmental Movement Patterns follow the natural unfolding of all humans’ growth cycles, and the study of these patterns offer us an inside look into how we support our growth and transformation through movement. We learn how to embody the natural cycles of our organic development, and from this, learn to repattern, heal, and transform ourselves.

Students learn how to access these patterns, and then apply them to the yoga practice. This combination of techniques is unique and essential to the full embodiment of yoga and life.

Students in this class are eligible for certification with the Yoga Alliance, and can expect the following:

  1. Readings and homework assignments
  2. Study of the Developmental Movement Patterns and their relationship to yoga asanas
  3. Embodied anatomy and kinesiology
  4. Mindfulness practices to bring out the authentic teaching voice
  5. Covering the art of seeing and sensing
  6. Learning insightful touch and how to cultivate presence
  7. Using our voice to give safe and effective instructions
  8. Sequencing
  9. Discussing yoga philosophy and its influence on modern times
  10. Cultivating compassion and sincerity in the classroom

Our intention with these trainings:

  • To produce highly qualified & skilled professionals
  • To assist you in deepening your understanding & practice of yoga
  • To create a safe & nourishing atmosphere to learn in
  • To Nourish our mindfulness practice & connect to our essential Heart
  • To have fun & invite in our creative, playful nature!

“Yoga means to ‘unite’ — the body, mind, and spirit. In my teacher training, I focus on igniting your soul, guiding you on your inner journey to your spirit. Then we explore ways for you as a teacher to expose students to the full completeness of yoga — total transformation, unity, and reclaiming the essence of our divine nature.”

— Adrienne Hutton 

“Adrienne is a very fine teacher. I had lots and lots of questions for her, and she answered with incredible depth and understanding. I appreciate the teachers whom she has followed for years, and I like the materials and handouts she uses for training. Adrienne created a safe space for her students to explore yoga and dive deep into their practice on a multitude of levels. I thoroughly enjoyed her teacher training program and highly recommend it.
Kelly Skovlin


The 2019-2020 Teacher Training will be held in
Enterprise, Oregon

 204 NE 1st Street, Enterprise, Oregon 97828


Each weekend starts Friday 1:00pm and ends Sunday 6:00pm. Daily Class Schedule below.  


  • September 13 – 15
  • October 4 – 6
  • November 15 – 17
  • December 13 – 15
  • January 10 – 12
  • March 13 – 15
  • April 10 – 12


  • 1pm – 7pm Class


  • 8am – 12:30pm Class

  • 12:30pm – 2pm Break

  • 2pm – 6pm Class


  • 8am – 12:30pm Class

  • 12:30pm – 2pm Break

  • 2pm – 6pm Class

You are required to attend all 7 weekends.

The hope is that you will learn, grow, and enjoy the process of becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher. If you miss a weekend, you must make it up with the lead teacher. If you miss two or more weekends, you will not become Yoga Alliance Certified.


For out-of-town students, no-cost or low-cost lodgings are available. You can indicate on your registration form, or contact Adrienne, for additional information about these no-cost and low-cost lodging options.
Register now with two convenient ways to pay your tuition:

  1. Register now with a $400 non-refundable deposit, followed by only 4 monthly tuition payments of $525. Monthly payments will begin immediately after the month in which you register, or
  2. Register and pay in full: $2,500 

Cancellation Policy: Cancel up to 2 months before course and receive a refund or credit toward another course minus a $50 processing fee. Cancel less than 2 months before, and there is no refund or credit, unless we can fill your spot. If the spot gets filled, receive a refund or credit to be applied to another course minus a $50 processing fee.




                     (NOTE: If you make a deposit, monthly installments will begin immediately the month after.)

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