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Hello, my name is Adrienne. I am passionate about meeting you, teaching yoga, and living a free, daringly authentic life. Yoga is my one true love. I have studied and taught for over 30 years and I am still madly in Love with this practice. Finding your Life Purpose and living it ferociously is why we are here. I created these offerings with the hope that all beings can find their unique path and live it with joyful abandon. I love to teach. It is my gift to the world. I Love to support people and help them find their way. I do hope you will join me.


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A Yoga Life

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Adrienne is a very fine teacher with many years of training which shines clear in her teaching. I had lots and lots of questions for her and she answered my questions with incredible depth and understanding. I appreciate her teachers whom she has followed for years and I like the materials and handouts she uses for training. Adrienne created a safe space for her students to explore yoga and dive deep into their practice on a multitude of levels. I thoroughly enjoyed her teacher training program and highly recommend it.

Kelly Skovlin

I can’t imagine having done my training with anyone other than Adrienne. She helped me turn my practice from a focused stretching session to a deep and personal connection with my body and spirit, and prepared me well for teaching my own classes. Thank you A!

Kirsten Johnson

Outstanding instruction, great attention to detail. Instructor has profound understanding of Developmental Movement Patterns as they relate to not just learning yoga, but owning it. In my opinion,this allowed true transformation to take place.

Trish Zennie

I started taking yoga classes with Adrienne in 2001 and have been her student ever since.

To say my yoga journey with this gifted teacher has been life transformative is a gross understatement. It has, and continues to be, so much more than going to a yoga class for exercise or stretching. It literally changed the trajectory of my life and in doing so has positively impacted every facet of my life and those my life touches. It has, in the truest sense, informed my life, and unified body, mind and spirit.

I’ve been to many yoga classes and experienced many different teachers. To be a student of Adrienne’s, is quite an honor and gift to oneself. The combination of extensive training, teaching experience and the embodiment of yoga, as her gift, enables her to be a teacher in a league of her own.

My experience with Trish has been much shorter in length and less extensive. However brief as it has been, Trish brings many of her own very complimentary gifts, experience and training to this dynamic duo! I am so blessed and grateful for these teachers!

I no longer “do” yoga or “take” yoga classes….yoga does me. What an amazing journey of discovery!

Barb Zukin

Adrienne’s Fundamentals Yoga Class helped my brain to reformat by body movements. My body/mind/spirit especially benefited from her guidance in neurodevelopment. By beginning with the “amoeba” stage and progressing through the normal evolution of body movement I was able to learn new ways of moving. Places where my movements were inefficient found a natural way of correcting. So much so that I actually gained height at a stage of my life where most women lose height.

With the movements, my brain learned new ways to approach situations and this helped so much with dealing with the multiple stressors that occur in life.

New ways of moving, new ways of thinking, and new ways to respond to feeling helped me on my life’s journey. Adrienne’s classes have prepared me to develop a consistent home practice, injury free.

Deb Vencill, retired RN

Doing yoga with Adrienne is truly unique.  Her creative, kind, insightful teaching style coupled with 25+ years of experience will take your practice to another level!   

Jacqui, K.

“Kindness and laughter are never lacking in these delightful classes! Adrienne and Trish cultivate a truly welcoming environment that encourages self discovery and curiosity. With these lovely ladies as teachers, my personal practice has grown and evolved. I can’t wait to see where it goes!”

Victoria M.

Every time I come to a yoga class offered by Adrienne, I learn something new about my body, mind, and spirit. Adrienne creates and directs her students not simply in the correct alignment for the various yoga poses, but in the practice of becoming aware and noticing the subtle ways our bodies, minds, and spirits are always communicating and integrating. Over the few years in which I have been Adrienne’s student, both in weekly yoga practices and in her Fundamentals of Movement course, my body has not only become more flexible and strong, but I have also learned a deeper capacity for emotional and mental strength and flexibility, a deeper capacity to “be present with whatever arises” throughout my life, as Adrienne has often invited us to do in class as we experiment with our particular way of being in an asana. I cannot recommend her yoga and developmental movement instruction enough!

Laura Hudson

I have been a student with Adrienne for many years.  Her classes have taught me how to know my body and recognize what it needs.  The practice of Yoga has given me tools to quiet and focus my very active mind and made me stronger, physically and mentally.  Adrienne has an amazing ability to see when I am losing my breath, putting too much strain on my body, by pushing it too far.  She has a gentle, spiritual heart for her practice and students.  

Linda Schreiner

Following a major life change 8 years ago, I decided I wanted to grow and learn, to realize my potential.  I wanted to be a better human.  I read many books and attended several seminars and tried many new experiences – all of which helped me greatly in my pursuit.  But the one thing that had the largest positive impact on my life was my decision to try yoga.  My first ever yoga experience was in a class guided by Adrienne Tyler – and I left that class a new man.  That was almost 6 years ago and I am still attending Adrienne’s classes on a regular basis.  She has shown me how the practice of yoga is so much more than just the physical exercise I thought it would be.  She has shown me how yoga practice can bring my mind, body and soul together – stretching and challenging my limiting beliefs about myself and this world.  She has shown me how yoga practice can soothe, and heal, and ground me – to such extent as to reveal the tension and injury I hold within me at a sub-conscience level.  Through her teaching, and consistent practice, I have found within me great strength, wisdom and compassion.  I am a better human.  I am so very grateful for the deep wisdom and experience that Adrienne has shared with me.  I highly recommend for anyone with a desire to better themselves to just take a class – open your mind and your heart, and follow…

Duane Christman

Adrienne is very knowledgeable about yoga and the body. She is an encouraging and supportive teacher. Adrienne is perceptive and skilled in working with various body types. She provides excellent guidance in establishing asanas. We highly recommend her classes!

Ed Mosiman and Nancy Bachman

“Adrienne has such a gift for guiding students into transformative experiences of embodiment. Over the years I have studied with Adrienne, my relationships to movement, alignment and embodiment have been profoundly supported, nurtured, and enriched. Her passion for teaching and the way she shares the fruits of her deep curiosity are inspiring.”

Caitlin Ecklund

A yoga retreat with Adrienne and Trish is like being wrapped in a warm safe cocoon of yoga love. They are hands on, intuitive practitioners.  Truly a blissful experience!

Jacqui, K